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                Weekly Bible Study     

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  Weekly Bible Study in ASL 

Fall Sept.- Nov.  Winter Dec.- Feb. Spring March- May  Summer June - Aug. 

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Click below the DVD video items that you would like to order.

        Bruffey's "Living Lessons" #1 - 15.00

Conversational Sing Language -  $20.00

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus - $20.00

Sharing the Good News - $20.00

Songs, Signs & Stories - $20.00

Religious Concepts in ASL (New) - $20.00

ASL Principles-Idioms -  $20.00

Starting a Deaf Ministry in Your Church - (New) - $20.00

Messages in Art (signed in ASL)  - $20.00 

Messages in Art - Spanish - Open Captions - $20.00

Bible Study Tapes in ASL on DVD

   I Peter - $20.00                    I Corinthians - $20.00

   II Corinthians - $20.00             Psalms - $20.00

   James -  $20.00                   Malachi - $20.00

   John - $20.00                        Acts - $20.00

   Isaiah - $20.00                  

   Sermon on the Mount -  $20.00             

No ASL Video For Hearing 

  In the Footsteps of Paul - Greece - $20.00

St. Petersburg, Russia - Partnership Mission -  $20.00

Odessa, Ukraine - Partnership Mission - $20.00

Early Beginnings of the SBCV - $20.00

A three dollar service charge is added on each order for postage.

A bill will be sent with your order.

Credit Cards are not accepted since this is a non-profit organization.

We try to keep the cost down for churches and individuals. 

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or call us at 1-804-276-9083