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Good News Booklets 

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This is the GOOD NEWS Witnessing Booklet.

It takes the essence of the Gospel and presents it

 in a easy outline form that one can understand

 through the illustration of a Bridge between man

 and God.  There is a prayer that one can sincerely

 pray, asking for the their sins to be forgiven and

 asking Jesus Christ into their heart and life.  These

 booklets can be ordered from Multi-Media

 Evangelism by clicking on the following Order


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Foreign Language Versions

The Good New Booklets can also be order in Foreign Language Version to be used in Partnership Mission Outreach overseas.  The foreign Language is on one page with the English on the opposite page.  In this way one can share Christ with another by pointing to the message on the page in the other person's language.  They are available in:

Spanish - English

Russian - English

Ukrainian - English

Romanian - English

Estonian - English

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