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Weekly Bible Study
in American Sign Language
List of Lessons
Summer Quarter
June 2017 thru August 2017
  • June 4 - The Path - Psalm 1:1-6
  • June 11 - The Past - Psalm 78:5-39
  • June 18 - The Shepherd - Psalm 23:1-6
  • June 25 - Our Response - Psalm 138:1-8
  • July 2 - His Presence - Psalm 84:1-12
  • July 9 - The Creator - Psalm 95:1-11
  • July 16 - God Revealed - Psalm 19:1-14
  • July 23 - His Love - Psalm 136:1-26
  • July 30 - His Faithfulness - Psalm 146:1-10
  • August 6 - The Confession Psalm 51:1-17
  • August 13 - The Cleansing - Psalm 32:1-11
  • August 20 - The Protector - Psalm 141:1-10
  • August 27 - The Longing - Psalm 42:1-11
Donnie Wiltshire - Teacher
Dr. Donnie Wiltshire signs the entire lessons in American Sign Language and then goes back over the lesson which he has just signed and lays down the voice interpretation so that both the deaf and the hearing can enjoy the lesson together!
The 2017 Summer lessons are from the book of Psalms.
The cost is $75.00 for the Quarter. The studies follow the outlines from "LifeWay" on the "Explore the Bible" series.

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These DVD Bible Studies will be sent as soon as possible after your order is received.
There is no need to send payment before hand nor do we deal with credit cards.  We will send you a separate invoice from which you can pay for your order. 
Each lesson is about 20 minutes long. There are 13 lessons on 3 DVDs.
The cost is $75.00 for all 13 lessons.  If a group or individual needs additional help, please let us know.  
You can call your order in at (804) 276-9083 or send an e-mail request to:  or mail to Multi-Media Evangelism, 1335 S. Providence Rd. Richmond, VA 23236.


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Weekly Bible Studies in ASL

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Multi-Media Evangelism is a non-profit Christian organization.  The goals are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through American Sign Language Videos for the deaf, Partnership Missions in foreign lands and Personal Evangelism Training.  Through Jesus Christ one can by faith, experience God's touch in an experience of Salvation which results in a life changing New Birth.  This ministry seeks to lead men and women to experience God personally and to help them grow in Christ.  If we can be of help, please let us know.  Click on the category of your interest for more information and a full Catalog of DVD's for the deaf.  

Howard Baldwin, 

President of Multi-Media Evangelism.